Our Services

Our services are designed with the objective to eliminate complexity from our client's projects. While we constantly provide value add services to our clients at every stage of a project, listed below are some of our core services.
  1. Project Management

    Project Management is part of our core service and is a result of our competency in construction management and our ability to understand our client's needs. We identify which configuration of our services will achieve our client's required outcome. We then provide solutions to achieve these objectives, while also adding value and completing projects within budget.

    Our teams look beyond conventional Construction Project Management services by adding value at every step of the project and thereby enabling us to move ahead of our competition. The rich experience we have gained from successful projects that we have executed, constantly helps us to overcome complex issues in a project life-cycle.

    Our Project Management Processes are developed based on established Project Management knowledge and follows the guidelines established by the Project Management Institute (PMI) of USA. Many of our clients in the construction industry engaged our services to assist in developing Customized Integrated-Project-Schedule incorporating the Critical Path Network Diagram together with the Bill of Quantities, Project Interim Payment, Earned Value (Workdone), and Tracking and Monitoring System (IPSwBQ).

    Our services also include assisting our clients to develop effective Project Reporting & Information Documentation System for their onward submission to the Project Owners or Project Consultants. The service also include preparing and submitting periodic monthly or bi-weekly Project Progress Report that incorporate the Critical Path Analysis, Earned Value Analysis, Status Report, Schedule & Cost Variance Analysis and Forecasting the Project Completion.

    We also assist in drafting letters for Project Owners, Contractors, Consultants and Key Stakeholders of the Projects ensuring the contractual rights and obligations are adequately communicated, managed and recognized.

  2. Contract Management

    Over the years, most construction companies have experienced an increasing numbers of claims disputes, liability exposure along with increasing difficulty in reaching reasonable settlements in an effective, economical, and timely manner. This is largely due to the consequences of the inefficiencies inherent in the construction contract management processes in the course of the project operations. Construction claims are a reality and management must be prepared for the eventuality of a claim. Disputes and claims can be traced back to failure by one of the parties to the contract to do his work efficiently, to express clearly, or to understand the full implication of the instructions issued to, or received by him. Claims for damages for delay are often subject of disputes. Construction claims and disputes are the result of failure of the owner and/or contractor to recognize contractual entitlement or a changed condition in the context of contract obligations.

    WCF have the expertise and profound knowledge to design and establish effective methodologies to guide key project personnel in construction industry. An in-depth knowledge of contractual rights and obligations together with the knowledge of contract administration is now a prerequisite to managing a successful and profitable project. WCF provide our clients with the required knowledge and competencies in the area of contract administration and control systems in the administration of construction projects. We also provide advisory services on contractual matters and improvement measures to enhance the project contract management systems.

  3. Project Management Training Services

    Regardless of the job titles in an organization, almost everyone has responsibilities for managing project(s). However, not everyone may have the necessary skills and competencies required for the successful planning, managing and controlling of projects. Projects can vary in magnitude, scope and complexity.

    WCF designs and conducts trainings for the key project personnel in the construction industry. In the construction industry, an in-depth understanding together with exposure to the new dimensions in project management continues to pose challenges to the industry. The construction industry continues to be an important sector of the Malaysian economy and it is important that the disciplines such as project cost management, planning, implementation and monitoring and termination are well understood. Equally important are key principles of contract administration.

    The problem of cost and time overrun are always common with the construction projects. The ability of the Project Managers and Contractors managing the projects effectively is most crucial for the efficient implementation of projects.

    WCF training programmes will provide the participants with the required knowledge, skills and competencies for managing construction Projects and we focus on building the participants’ knowledge and skills in establishing project management sub-systems and the use of effective construction management tools and techniques.